Zumba Certification

zumba_loveZumba is an exciting dance that enables people to get fit, feel healthier all while have the time of their life. It involves different dance moves such as merengue, reggaeton, salsa and more. It is considered the best alternative to a regular fitness routine because it keeps people motivated, inspired and focused on reaching their fitness goals. Many people who have been involved with this dance become interested in teaching it. This is not uncommon and all it takes is to acquire a zumba training certification. Below are the steps to do this.


Zumba Certification


The first thing you need to do is take some zumba classes. You cannot expect to teach it if you do not experience it first. Learn the basics and get familiar with different routines and different teachers styles. This will allow you to experience this dance in depth and formulate your own routine.


Once you have a basic idea of this dance there will be some requirements to follow before you can obtain a zumba certification. The requirements are that you need to be physically able to do the routines and you need to be at least 18 or over.


If you meet requirements, you can sign up for the Zumba Academy and get your zumba instructor certification with workshops either through the Basic or Gold. The Basic gives you an education of the foundation of zumba and its basic rhythms which include salsa, cumbia, merengue and reggaton. The Gold workshop educates people who are looking to work with beginners or adults.


The cost for the

Zumba instructor training ranges from $225 to $285 per workshop and includes the materials, the workshop and the certification. Early registration can buy you a cheaper cost. Once you register and complete the day long workshop you will be awarded your certification and will be able to teach zumba. You can then choose your fitness facility that you would like to teach at, set your rates, your schedules and your open for business. Passing your workshop buys you a year as a teacher. It is your responsibility to keep your zumba certification current and you will be required to take additional classes to maintain it.




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